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How can hypnosis work for you?

With clear goals and a right mindset, hypnosis is the most powerful tool you can use to change what you want.

What do my clients consult me for?


Better sleep, calm the stress and relieve anxiety, manage different emotions that poison your life, manage addictions, conquer bad habits, flight and other phobias, better memory and concentration, pain management, facilitating athelete coaching and positive visualisation towards goals...

What you need to practice hypnosis?

You have to be willing and wanting your goals. No secret nor magic here!  The power comes from within and your subconscious mind works for you. Like any change in your life, first comes the decision to do so.  100% decided because you are so done with your old thoughts overriding your will to change.  

With my help, you will learn auto-hypnosis and be able to practice on your own.  You will learn how to feel free and empower yourself in positive change.

And no, I won't be turning you into a chicken!!!  You will remember the session and notice that you are in control of your life and goals.  The results are surprising as you adventure through your inner self and master new techniques that enables you through change.

For more information or to book a session: 

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